Help Camron by helping fund research for Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Type 2s

How you can help

Events and ways to get involved


We have a lot of things that we can use help with, this website, graphics, Facebook page management, legal stuff, and help with events and fundraisers. Dont worry if you dont have experience, neither do we!

Go to Pie in the face

Pie in the face

Do the pie in the face challenge! It helps spread awareness and is a fun way to get involved. Check out some of the creative videos below! Share them to our page and you might get featured on the website.



While not everyone can donate, if you can it is a very large help. Any little bit helps us get us closer to the next step and the next goal that brings us closer to finding a cure.

Go to Social Interaction

Social Interaction

We know that everyone cannot donate, or has time to volunteer so like our page on Facebook and share our posts to help spread awareness.

Thank you to everyone who helped and donated to the first CamronsCure fundraiser event. It was a huge success! We will be posting updates here in a short while.

Team Camron

The faces of the foundation


Amazing Little Man
Camron is the entire reason for all of this. He is an extremely happy and go lucky for everything that he has been through and is an inspiration to us all.


Camrons Mother
Jessica has relentlessly fought and cared for Camron through all of the tough turns of events.


Camrons Father
Michael is Camrons father and the one that started all of this by initiating the pie in the face challenge to try and spread awareness after getting the heart breaking news that there was no funding for his sons ailment.

Our Favorite Pie Challenges

Have an idea, an event, or just some feedback? Let us know!

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