October 18, 2017

About Camron

Camron is a unique, amazing, 14 year old boy with a happy go lucky personality. He has never expressed an ounce of selfishness or jealousy of anyone else. Camrons love for his siblings is incredible. He has a love of baseball and plays in an amazing special needs league.

However, Camron has struggled to thrive in his academic life.  His math and english skills hover  between the first and third grade level. His doctors and teachers have no idea  what his adult life will bring.

He loves baseball but because of his intellectual challenges and physical exhaustion on his body, he has never been able to play sports with other kids his age. Luckily, he has played with the challenger league which is a blessing for him. You can see Camron at times watching siblings and other children playing sports and partaking in activities as he is often left off to the sidelines.

Camron has some type of barrier that prevents him from really expressing his feelings. If he is sad,  jealous or just doesn’t care about this,  we would never know. Camron is trapped inside his mind and his body gets so physically exhausted so easily, that sometimes it may seem like the happiest boy in the world is also a prisoner in his mind and body.. this is a little about Camron.

Camrons Cure