October 18, 2017

About Us

We are still working on the site. We will have more on this soon. 

Here is some brief information about the people in the foundation:

Michael L. – Camrons father and a union plumber. He is the founder of this foundation.

Jessica G. – Camrons mother and educator. She provides content and is helping with the launch of the foundation and Facebook page https://facebook.com/LGMDCC/

Sarrie L. – Camrons step mother and wife of Michael L. She helps with research on the disease, website things, and the current donation platform.

Michael P. – Friend of the family and IT Director for a merchandising company. Is in charge of the website, current server, and all things IT related to the foundation.

Annmarie P. – Friend of the family, stay at home mom, and graphic designer. Helps with the graphics and content on the website.

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